Consolidation Chemotherapy

Consolidation ChemotherapyThe other name for consolidation chemotherapy is intensification therapy. It is a type of treatment that goes on to remove the cancer cells that are continuously reproducing and increasing in number. According to research, the consolidation chemotherapy is much more effective, since it provides a high dosage of the drugs to the patient.

Many types of cancers can be treated with the use of this method. Those patients who are in remission from ovarian cancer or leukemia can take benefit from this treatment method. Most of the time, the consolidation therapy is done followed by another therapy known as the induction therapy. This is done in cases of acute leukemia usually. If the second therapy results in a success then the first one can definitely make the patient stay in remission.

When it comes to the treatment of ovarian cancer, the consolidation therapy is used. The method is such that the patient is subjected to a few chemotherapies until he is in remission and no cells are seen to be growing. This can be beneficial many times in the sense that the woman will have her ovary safe and she will have the chance to have a child in the future

Consolidation Chemotherapy Consolidation Chemotherapy Consolidation Chemotherapy
Although consolidation therapy can be used to treat a variety of cancers, but it is not the technique used for all cancer patients. The first step to decide whether the consolidation technique will be used or not is to check if the patient is in remission. If the patient is not in state of remission, measures will be taken and chemotherapies will be done to bring him in the state of remission. For this purpose, sometimes surgery is also used and sometimes radiation is used as well. Once the patient is in remission ,another factor that is considered before making any decision is that whether the patient will be able to withstand the tough ad harsh treatment or not. If these are confirmed, then the patient is subjected to the consolidation chemotherapy , which can last for a short time or a long time, depending on the condition of the patient

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