Chemotherapy Regimen

Chemotherapy RegimenThe chemotherapy regimen is a combination of drug used for the treatment of cancer, for various types of cancer treatments. Whereas chemotherapy regimen is to procure the initial treatment, as an initiator of dosages on schedule. It administers the amalgamation of drugs; here the following gives the information about chemotherapy regimen and its combinations. There are more than one combination used besides the chemotherapy drugs as on its own for the induction regimen, which state that the patient undergoes medication for the first phase.

Chemotherapy regimen uses various drugs for different treatment, drug combinations like BEACOPP, CAF, VAPEC-B, CAV, COP, VAD, Thal/Dex, R-FCM, ECF, FOLFOX, PCV, etc,. following are the combination of chemotherapy regimen drugs.

Blemycin Adriamycin and dacardazine vinblatine is used for the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma which is a cancer caused in lymph tissue, which maculates the cell in lymph nodes, bone marrow, liver, spleen and even in other sites, if the patients with cardiovascular disease besides Hodgkin’s lymphoma then the chemothereapy regimen is VAPEC-B.

The chemotherapy regimen for B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma is treated with R-FCM combination. The chemotherapy regimen Thal/Dex combinations are used for multiple myeloma, whereas Multiple myeloma is also treated with the combination of VAD and the chemotherapy regimen combinations of VAPEC-B used for treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which are for the patients with cardiovascular disease.

The chemotherapy regimen fusion of Cyclophamide Adrimycin (doxorubicin) this combination of drug is used for treating Breast cancer, it is called CAF.
Chemotherapy Regimen Chemotherapy Regimen Chemotherapy Regimen
The chemotherapy regimen fusion of Etoposide, Bleomycin, Platinum agent (cisplatin) are the combination of drugs for treating germ cell tumor and testicular cancer, it is called BEACOPP.

The chemotherapy regimen fusion of Adriamycin (doxorubicin), cyclophosphamide and cincristine are the combinations of drugs for treating Lung cancer, it is called CAV.

The chemotherapy regimen fusion of Cyclophoshamide, oncovin (vincristine) and prednisone are the combination of drugs for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer treatment; the chemotherapy regimen is called COP or CVP.

Chemotherapy regimen is combinations of drugs that is used in the initial phase and the combination or treatment would change based on the intensity of cancer stages, still there are many chemotherapy regimen are bought through various research to simplify the dosage and reduce the strength of cancer.

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